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Be beautiful by being you!

Lab grown diamonds are created from the microscopic carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Extreme pressure and heat or CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) mimics the natural method of diamond formation. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, not substitutes or alternatives to mined diamonds.

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Vegan Diamond Jewellery

Beautiful Handcrafted Jewellery designed for the Environment and You. Discover our fine diamond jewellery and engagement rings online. All our jewellery is made with the highest quality of recycled gold and the brightest shining ethical diamonds created in our Laboratory. Thanks to our unique way of working, we can guarantee excellent prices and the best service for our valued customers.

Be beautiful by being you!

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Ethical Fine Jewellery Made with Cultured Diamonds and Stones.

Vegan/Lab grown diamonds have just begun to make their way into the industry.
All of our stones can be traced back to labs in Surat, and China.
As we continue to become aware of the dark truths behind natural diamond mining, we here at Vegan Star have introduced a way in which we can disassociate ourselves from cruel and unethical labour.


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What Are Vegan Diamonds?

Our Vegan Diamonds are created by replacing a mine with a lab.

We are able to make lab-grown diamonds identical to mined ones

by replicating the colour, cut, carat and clarity.


Our Mission
Conflict-free | Lab Grown | Flawless

Our mission is to present our clients with Conflict-Free jewellery, to the world by embracing the concept of Vegan Diamonds. We strive to give our clients the best possible quality with a touch of ethical beauty. Our handcrafted jewellery comes is created by the best Craftsmen that have an eye for detail.


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